Hammer Stryke Self-Reliance Training, Inc

Specialized Firearms and Personal Protection Training

YOU are responsible for Yourself, Your Family, Your Community

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Directions River Oaks and FOTS Range

River Oaks Range (Safety First Shooting Association) - Go to www.safetyfirstshooting.org for detailed directions with pictures of turns. Range address is 11584 N. Shaffer Road, Winton CA 95388.

Directions to Mariposa Fish and Game Range

Mariposa Fish and Game Range - Go to www.mariposafishandgame.org for directions. Range address is 4443 Old Highway, Mariposa, CA 95338.

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Providing General Firearms, and Specialized Firearms Skill Sets, along with Personal Protection and Life Skills Training

Hammer Stryke Self-Reliance Training, Inc is a California Corporation licensed and insured for Advanced Firearms Training.

With training facilities in Mariposa and Merced Counties, the Cities of Merced, Atwater and Mariposa, Including a Force Option Training Simulator (FOTS), we are able to accommodate all of central California firearms training needs! Our Instructors are all certified firearms instructors with background careers in the Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Emergency Medicine.

Our Live Fire Video Simulator will be open this Sunday March 16th!  Come out and give it a try!  $30 gets you 3 scenarios using our .22LR pistols, with review and corrective feedback!  Check yourself out as to how you perform under a stressful encounter.  30 minute training sessions available by appointment during this time as well.  Contact us at 209-614-1718209-614-1718 to set up your time slot or for more information.

Writer Lindsey Bertomen observed our Defensive Medicine 103 class last October and included it in an article about law enforcements need for medical training.  It can be found: http://let.epubxp.com/i/237213/26

NEW Class – Defensive Medicine 103 March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd 2014

This is your chance to develop your skill sets in shooting, moving and communicating and to ensure you have the skills to provide self-aid, or partner aid in a shooting confrontation.  $500 for a three day, jam packed course with some of the best instruction in the industry is cheap!  But take advantage of the deferred payment offered thru Paypal if necessary to attend this class, you NEED this training.  LE, Hunter, 1st Responder, or Prepper – its all good!

Ladies – We now offer all of our training, as well as the simulations in the FOTS trainer, with the use of “Airsoft” guns.  The use of Airsoft replica firearms allows realistic weight, feel and operation training without the noise, powder or other contaminates.  This works extremely well with expectant mothers to be. Why take a long time out from keeping your skills current, pregnant women can now train in a realistic environment during their pregnancy and keep skill sets current, or develop new ones for after the arrival of your child. We offer a variety of high quality “Airsoft” replica guns for training to include AR, 1911, M&P platforms.

Force Option Training Simulator (FOTS) now available to Civilians!

We are associated with Safety First Shooting Association  the 2nd Saturday of each month, providing reasonably priced FOTS training along with free Defensive Handgun skills clinics!

Private Citizens can now receive the same
training formerly only available to Law Enforcement and the Military!

Live Fire Simulators: The best way to train with a firearm!  They teach discipline, accuracy, verbal commands, and create life like shooting situations. This is the safe, effective, and fun way to become proficient with the weapon you depend on to defend your or a loved one’s life! If you carry a concealed firearm – you need to experience the next level of training!

State of the Art Live Fire Technology

-  Latest version of the Industry’s Leading simulator.

-  Shoot YOUR gun the way YOU carry it.

-  Safely Shoot Live ammunition, not a laser or “simunition” system.  Real bullets, Real guns.

-  The best, most realistic CCW Permit Training available

-  Clmate Controlled Environment

-  Excellent Air flow

-  Premium sound insulation

-  High Definition Display

-  Mobile Training Facility

-  Simulates qualification courses in any live fire range

-  Video records training performance for enhanced training feedback

Training: Our system allows instruction in every aspect of defensive shooting.  We use the latest technologies to teach the basics from sight acquisition, all the way through drawing your firearm and engaging moving targets.  This allows us to move at a pace comfortable to the shooter. Your skill, Your pace.  Not just a video shooting experience – you will get exceptional training from skilled  instructors during the most life like experience available. 

Judgment Scenarios: We can provide over 1200 scenarios, with 400+ branching scenarios to teach  people how to correctly react to situations.  We can control the scenario based upon the Trainees reaction.  These previously recorded scenarios give us the opportunity to control whether a  person on the screen becomes a threat, or complies with the shooters verbal commands.  This is “AS  REAL AS IT GETS” for judgment training.

Staff: All of our personnel are well known certified Firearms Instructors and Range Safety Officers.  Most of our Instructors have Military or Law Enforcement backgrounds, and are retired Law  Enforcement or Military Instructors. All have backgrounds in defensive firearms training.

Call now to schedule a training session for you or your family! Pricing starts at $20 for an introductory experience.  30 min sessions are $50 / 1 hour sessions are $100 – This training is intense, come ready  to get a full value experience!