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Providing General Firearms, and Specialized Firearms Skill Sets, along with Personal Protection and Life Skills Training

Hammer Stryke Self-Reliance Training, Inc is a California Corporation licensed and insured for Advanced Firearms Training.

With training facilities in Mariposa and Merced Counties, the Cities of Merced, Atwater and Mariposa, Including a Force Option Training Simulator (FOTS), we are able to accommodate all of central California firearms training needs! Our Instructors are all certified firearms instructors with background careers in the Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Emergency Medicine.


Prepping or Survival Training, Bugging Out or Sheltering In Place and Your Defensive Training Skill Sets

Do these go together and just how much, or perhaps even how do they go together? On the surface they seem to be “Hand in Hand”. After all, if you prep, you have to have the capability to shelter in place or bug out, maybe even both (more likely); – sheltering in place if caught unable to immediately (or before) leave when it happens, while waiting for the opportunity and timing to bug out. Whether or not what you do in the above situation, you have to have the means and capabilities to protect you and yours, and the materials you think you are going to need in a post-event scenario.

There is a thin veneer of civilization amongst us. The rule of law is the only thing, besides might, keeping us safe in our homes and persons. Looking at how easy this breaks down in the most civilized cities among us, even without the basic human needs stressors of no power, food or water, leaves little doubt that when faced with no rule of law (however long) and the need to feed ourselves and our children, we will do what we have to survive – to include taking what YOU have. In the above sentence, I put “to feed ourselves….” before feeding our children. Around the world, even here in the US, we are selling our children, destroying our children and non-producing individual’s to take care of our perceived needs, whether that’s a drug or alcohol habit, or simply the means to survive.

In the Tactical world the need is for strength, speed, violence of action, and the ability to travel light while carrying everything you need to survive. In the Tactical world you need to be able to carry ammunition, (500 rounds is quite heavy and will probably be the majority of your pack weight), as well as personal items, gear, and mission equipment. In the Survival world, the adage is “2 is 1, and 1 is none”. This is purely a survival scenario where we can use the space and weight allowance to do this. When you mix in the defensive needs however of survival post collapse, then we cannot afford this luxury of having 2 of everything. We only advocate having a backup in the most basic of equipment or “Kit”, ie; backup fire starter, knife and cordage.

In a true survival scenario such as a plane crash where rescue is hopefully days away and injuries are not too mobility impairing, then having a backup fire starter may just save your life. In a “Zombie Apocalypse” though, we need more ammunition.

You need to put thought into your individual needs and situation. Get some training to see if what you think you need and if the skills you have works. Does all of your tribe, kith or kin have these skills and the equipment or is it just you and you’re ‘gonna carry the load”. Obviously what I’m going to say next is “What happens when you’re the one down or impaired”.

So yes, these topics do go together, and yes they are stand alone depending on your needs. They do even blend over into each other, but remember the adage “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”. You have to tailor your needs for a changing world. Taking off into the wilds, or in a post grid collapse, there is no resupply and no rescue.

What you have, Cache or Carry, is what you have. Skills, Equipment, Food – consider carefully and get the training!


Refund policies:  Once a class is booked and a deposit is made, you may cancel the reservation up to two weeks prior to the event for a full refund.  Refunds will be made after the event is completed however.  Cancelling within two weeks of the event will incur a booking fee as we had to turn away others who could have made the training class, $50 will be withheld for this booking fee. Running Late / No Show – If you are late for your training no more than an hour we can still accommodate you,  if its more than an hour or you do not show up, you will not be refunded. As a company we will have incurred the expenses and will have sadly turned other attendees away who wanted the spot we reserved for you. Please call if you are running late!

Directions to Mariposa Fish and Game Range

Mariposa Fish and Game Range – Go to www.mariposafishandgame.org for directions. Range address is 4443 Old Highway, Mariposa, CA 95338.

Directions River Oaks and FOTS Range

River Oaks Range (Safety First Shooting Association) – Go to www.safetyfirstshooting.org for detailed directions with pictures of turns. Range address is 11584 N. Shaffer Road, Winton CA 95388.

Course Calendar

09:00 Gun Fighter 2 – Advanced Defensi... @ Hammer Stryke
Gun Fighter 2 – Advanced Defensi... @ Hammer Stryke
May 30 @ 09:00 – May 31 @ 17:00
Gun Fighter 2 - Advanced Defensive Handgun @ Hammer Stryke | Winton | California | United States
March Special – $250 ($45 off of regular $295) Do you carry or use a handgun for personal defense? Do other loved ones depend upon you to protect them and keep them safe? Are you[...]
08:00 Small Unit Survival Tactics @ Hammer Stryke
Small Unit Survival Tactics @ Hammer Stryke
Jun 6 @ 08:00 – Jun 7 @ 17:00
Small Unit Survival Tactics @ Hammer Stryke | Mariposa | California | United States
Does your Family or Group know how to travel in hostile situations? Can you avoid un-friendly groups? Do you have the skills to camouflage your camp? Against Thermal, IR, or other detection technologies? How about[...]
09:00 Tactical AR Rifle @ Hammer Stryke
Tactical AR Rifle @ Hammer Stryke
Jun 6 @ 09:00 – Jun 7 @ 17:00
Tactical AR Rifle @ Hammer Stryke | Winton | California | United States
2 Day class – This training is specific to the AR type platform. Training is adaptable to other “carbine” or “black” rifle styles. Classroom and Range instruction included. Tactics and Techniques will include: -Engaging multiple[...]
09:00 Defensive Shotgun @ Hammer Stryke
Defensive Shotgun @ Hammer Stryke
Jun 14 @ 09:00 – 17:00
Defensive Shotgun @ Hammer Stryke | Winton | California | United States
This 8-hour course covers the use of a shotgun inside your home for defending you and your family. The first 4 hours will be in the classroom followed by 4 hours on the shooting range.[...]
08:00 CCW Permit Training @ Hammer Stryke
CCW Permit Training @ Hammer Stryke
Jun 20 @ 08:00 – 17:00
CCW Permit Training @ Hammer Stryke | Mariposa | California | United States
CCW Permit Training (Concealed Weapon Training) – See below for pricing as this varies by county and requirements. (Mariposa, Merced, Madera Counties and City’s) Exceeds the California State minimum requirements. Covers the legal, moral, and[...]
09:00 Advaced CCW Skills Training @ Hammer Stryke
Advaced CCW Skills Training @ Hammer Stryke
Jun 21 @ 09:00 – 17:00
Advaced CCW Skills Training @ Hammer Stryke | Mariposa | California | United States
Advanced CCW Handgun Skills Training. Receive $50 off tuition when you take this class and one of our CCW classes. Follow on skill builder to improve your survival skill sets. The day will be spent[...]

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Private Citizens can now receive the same training formerly only available to Law Enforcement and the Military!

Force Option Training Simulator (FOTS) now available to Civilians!

Ladies – We now offer all of our training, as well as the simulations in the FOTS trainer, with the use of “Airsoft” guns. The use of Airsoft replica firearms allows realistic weight, feel and operation training without the noise, powder or other contaminates. This works extremely well with expectant mothers to be. Why take a long time out from keeping your skills current, pregnant women can now train in a realistic environment during their pregnancy and keep skill sets current, or develop new ones for after the arrival of your child. We offer a variety of high quality “Airsoft” replica guns for training to include AR, 1911, M&P platforms.

Live Fire Simulators

The best way to train with a firearm! They teach discipline, accuracy, verbal commands, and create life like shooting situations. This is the safe, effective, and fun way to become proficient with the weapon you depend on to defend your or a loved one’s life! If you carry a concealed firearm – you need to experience the next level of training!

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